Keeping our community safe

 Native to Westminster, I, like many of you know what a great community we have. Across our city, you find will many organization and groups committed to the liveliness of their neighborhoods. You will find opportunities to serve those in your neighborhood. All while strengthening each community and giving individuals a common sense of purpose and pride. I am truly thankful for all these efforts it takes every day from our well lite and safe bike paths and trails to continuous sacrifice on behalf of our first responders. The City of Westminster must have a strategic and continuous plan to support our dedicated public servants. As a citizen, I’m proud to be a graduate of both the citizen Police and Fire Academy’s. I think it is imperative to understand the operations and needs of the police and fire departments and these academy’s give you a good view into the inside operations of each department. The fire and police departments outreach to keep our community safer through education is just one small piece of how our first responders continuously work to be partners of the community they serve. Each of these departments are vital to keeping our city safe and being able to raise our families with a great quality of life. We must make sure we are constantly working to support these departments to continue to have the first-class departments with the best and brightest first responders that we can get.

Government and Your Elected Officials:

Municipal government here in Westminster is responsible for very specific services such as police and fire departments, street and infrastructure maintenance along with water management and treatment.

Our government's number one duty is to protect its citizens and their individual rights. Elected officials have a duty to the people who live in their city to represent them and advocate for them, not to make up rules and regulations that go outside of protecting our individual rights.

A recent issue within the City of Westminster was the push for a single hauler trash system. This went through a handful of iterations. I was very vocal in opposing this issue. I was against it for a variety of reasons. The issue covered ground from mandate using multiple haulers split into districts to a single city contracted hauler with the option to opt out. I oppose the idea of government picking services or vendors for us. In a free society, we should be able to pick who we do business with. The small haulers and some large haulers were at risk of losing both jobs and business. It is not right for the government to use its power by force and limitations of the free market. Regarding recycling and diversion rates, I believe council should spend more time leading by example not by mandate. I believe we have one earth and we should be good stewards of it and we should always look at ways to reuse and not waste resources. That is something we each should work on, but people follow leadership and example. We do not need mandates.



I believe we need representatives who are keeping us in the light. Be it projects in the new downtown, or new developments in other areas, or the construction of new city facilities. Conversations are more productive when we are well informed with a good amount of time to give input. Citizen input meetings should happen within a reasonable time for that input to be made part of the decision process. Not weeks before construction and ground breaking is scheduled to begin. I have seen a variety of projects that have tax payer money behind it, but lack the citizen support in the very area, or in some cases the very street where it is happening. Better discussions and listening would avoid such waste.