April 9th Update on Westminster Trash.
I am continuing to monitor the progress of a city picked hauler. It seems the game plan is still fluid. At the February 28th meeting, there was a 6-1 vote to continue down the road of single hauler trash. At the time council all seemed to want a fee free opt out. From what I have now heard we are back out to RFP with a smaller number of haulers. They had an RFP to fill and a Q&A Addendum that answers questions from haulers. Also seen below is pricing from Lafayette which if you look at the Q&A the city states they are looking to model their ordinance after. I would encourage you all to stay engaged on this issue. I fear as we have seen with this issue progress we are not hearing all of what is at play. This council seems determined to make this happen regardless of feedback from citizens who want the free market to allow people choose who they do business with and allow people to earn a living in this industry. We have heard about misinformation from individuals and haulers. Which if you judge anything off how much the issue has changed day to day you could say that about any of the information on this issue. I am troubled about how this conversation has been controlled. I heard today from a hauler that has many contracts with their customers how they asked the Mayor what will happen with his contracts, the mayor told this individual he would get back to him in a week and never did. I have had similar instances over the past few months on this issue with some of the council. As always no matter what side of this issue you are on I hope that you continue to educate yourself and speak your mind to the council. I would also urge you to share on
https://www.westyconnect.us as I hear they have ongoing forums on the issue there. I feel no matter your stance we only serve to come up with better solutions when two sides of an issue have a dialog.